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24 October
North Carolina, United States
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abdominal exercises, adobe, america, american dream, american history, anais nin, anne rice, anti-moore, art, ayn rand, beaches, beer, blues, boats, books, breathing, capitalism, cats, chipmunks, christopher walken, classical music, clockwork orange, computers, congress, conservative, conservative issues, conservative politics, conservative punks, constitution, dead can dance, debates, development, drudge report, eclectic clothes, economics, ee cummings, emily dickinson, ezra pound, fall, film noir, flowers, foreign film, freedom, gop, government, graphics, henry miller, henry rollins, history, horror pops, industrial, indy films, interior design, internet, jazz, klimt, libertarian, life, mad tv, military, mountains, movies, my friends, my hubby, my sons, networking, outdoors, paintshop, patriotism, phantom of the paradise, pilates, pj harvey, plays, poetry, politics, proboards, programming, punk rock, reading, republitarians, sarcasm, sci-fi, sisters of mercy, smaller government, social distortion, south park, spring, summer, suspense, tarot cards, tax cuts, the beatnicks, the us of a, the usual suspects, thrillers, usa, van gogh, walking, web design, wine, working out, world events, writing, yoga
Me, old school punk rocker.

Tarot Cards
A goddess sits on her throne and protects with her sword
Divinatory Meanings: When this card appears in a spread it is time for the individual to meet that dimension of himself or herself which clings unswaying to an immovable faith in high ideals.
Reversed: noble, lofty, improve consciousness and the quality of life
Element: Strength

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